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The First Music Ever Played on a Computer

The world’s fourth digital computer was designed and built in Australia by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (, the precursor of the ).

It started life as a dream in 1947, ran its first test program in 1949 and played in 1950 or 1951. was a very primitive computer by today’s standards. It was very slow (1,000 cycles per second); it did not have very much memory (about 2KB of RAM and 3KB of disk memory); it filled a room and; it had no display like a modern computer.Most output from CSIRAC was via punched paper tape that was later converted to text on another machine. The only familiar output device was a speaker (called the hooter), and it was used to track the progress of a program.Programmers would place a sound at the end of their program so they knew it had ended (this was known as a blurt), or they would program progress-indicator blurts into a program.

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Despite being primitive, CSIRAC performed groundbreaking work, including running the calculations to find the centre of our galaxy in 1953, and for the engineering of our first skyscraper building.


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Motown Comes to Naples

Martha Reeves and the Vandellas brought Motown to the Naples Ritz-Carlton in April. They were the main event for the Time to Remember gala that ended up raising $1.2 million for the Florida Cancer Specialists Foundation. The money they were able to raise helps to lift some of the stress from cancer patients by helping to pay bills that aren’t related to medical. The founding chair of the event, Jackie Bearse, said that Martha Reeves wasn’t exactly what one might call a diva when she stopped by her room to welcome give the 74-year-old entertainer a warm welcome. Jackie said that she was delighted with the warm embrace she received from Martha. Patty Baker (Event chair) arranged for Mrs. Reeves using her strong ties to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Martha and her backup singers ended up keeping the dance floor full by playing hits such as Dancing in the Street, Heat Wave Jimmy Mack.

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Collier County: Experiencing Home Sales Fall

home sales dropBased on reports, -Marco Island was considered to be the only place in the United States that experienced a decrement in both townhouse/condo and single-family closed sales from the 2014-2015.

Based on findings and what the Florida Realtors have observed within a span of two years, single-family closed sales experienced a decrease of 1.3%. On the other hand, condo and town houses sales had a 1.2% sales drop observed by economists.

Likewise, ‘s sales were the complete opposite of what the state is experiencing in an overall scale. Wherein, the closed sales managed to increase by up to 12.4%, with 244,543, it became 274,769– that’s for family homes alone. As for townhouse-condo sales, there has been a remarkable increase of 6.1%, – 108,354 to 114,969.

There has been a contrast with Cape Coral-Fort Myers. Wherein, the family homes managed to close their sales and have enjoyed an increase of 9.7% from 12,427, it went up and became 13,635. The town house-condo sales also increased by 2.3%- from 6,656, it became 6,716.

Despite this increase, there has been a sales delay in the Collier County that has been evaluated a month ago by the Naple’s Area Board of Realtors. NABOR’s ex president, Mike Hughes, noted that this negative impact was probably the result of a number of factors, such as the inclement weather and worsening in the stock market. Both of which having an impact on sales.

Even though the state’s performance was quite strong for the past year, Bran O’Connor, the chief economist of Florida Realtors’ said that the year-over-year growth that transpired in 2015 was more laid down than what happened in the past few years. This can be an indication of a more stabilized rates of growth in the years to come.

Though, in order to make that possible, the work inventory should keep on striving harder and push up the prices all throughout Florida.

In Collier County allow, supply shortfalls are slowly easing down as home sellers benefit from the sudden increase prices, as well as listing their homes.

As of the moment, the home prices in Naples-Marco Island are the highest in the state, and the Cape Coral-Fort Myers are near the Florida Median. As inventories continue to drop, though – prices for Naples, Florida real estate are going to skyrocket soon, according to Equity Realty of Naples, FL.

For the state of Florida, the single-family home prices increased by 10.1%, from 178,000 it became 196,000. Likewise, even the townhouses condos enjoyed a 7.1% increase of 140,000 to 150,000 last year.

Lastly, in Cape-Coral-Fort Myers, there was a 13% increase in single-family homes sold from $189,000 to $213,000. On the other hand, townhouses enjoyed a 7.4% increase 2 years ago.

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Student Loan Mistakes

student debtMost graduates are leaving college today with a loan to repay. The loan repayments can be overwhelming for everyone, let alone a fresh college graduate who is just getting started on a career and have little or no assets to speak about. If this sounds like something you are going through you will be happy to know that there is an easy way out of your predicament. There are different student loans refinancing options available at your disposal that will make your loan repayment much more affordable and manageable.

While student loan refinancing is designed to ease the student loan burden, the strategy comes with a number of features that you need to consider before you make a decision. These features include;

1. A longer repayment period since refinancing reduces the amount of money paid at any given time. This means that while you while you will be able to comfortably meet your loan obligations, you will have to worry about your student much longer.

2. With the prolonged loan repayment period, you can also expect to pay much more as the interest increases as the repayment period increases.

3. You may lose out on some of the loan benefits associated with student loans. Some of these benefits include loan cancellation or loan forgiveness programs and huge loan interest rate discounts.

4. You can refinance your loan in such a way that you are able to clear your student loan much faster and save quite an amount in the end. This strategy is best suited for the borrowers with private loans who wish to take a risk and save some money by repaying their loan at a much lower rate.

After carefully considering all the above mentioned features, you may still find out that refinancing is still the best option suited to match your unique financial position. You can then go ahead and consider the two main refinancing options and choose the one that works best in your situation. The two main refinancing options include the direct consolidation loan that is best suited for those with a federal student loan. The other option is private consolidation. For you to qualify for private consolidation, however, a credit check must be done and this will to a large extent determine the rate of interest that will be charged on your loan. If you have a good credit score, you can rest assured that will get a much better rate compared to someone with an average rating.

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